Wow this text is diverse and beautiful :) But it doesn't fit the rest of the design :( - Context, minority, fading edge and gestalt laws.

My mind goes through so many different States its crazy

I wanna distill some of my notes and random writinga into something more concentrate and maybe make some private more details notes about everything.

Man im a confused and un motivated person that has radical different beliefs than that of people around me its pretty sucky i wanna go explore the world. I wish i wastent so mentally destroyed.

Sometimes its hard to accept how things is an just work with it.


Mental attention.

Eye contact and looking at the person is a big indicator of connection and also the openness of body language and the speed of speech the defensiveness and the tone pitch and mood.

I guess some hormonal things happen when you get old or some shit.

Maybe dehydration is in the pain or it’s just something that comes after a drinking crusade.

Fucks sake why do I feel pain. I don’t want to be serious

Wonder what the point of the freaking feeling I have in my head is and why there are two almost equally strong feelings of pain and attraction.

Note to self get the mind away before I get sucked so deeply into that pain and confusion. dissonance sigh

Additive pain spiral so hard to steer out of everything takes a different view with mood. Clashing belifs and failure to convince turns into ridicule.

Hormones or someting put me in a state of acute confusion and exaggerated pattern finding and creation mode.

Wonder if people that love painting pictures with words wouldn’t be greater artists if they put in color and acrylics.