Wow this text is diverse and beautiful :) But it doesn't fit the rest of the design :( - Context, minority, fading edge and gestalt laws.

People governing their image and information about them selves. “Group”. Seems like its always kind of word against word.

Putting into perspective, Discussion - Putting things into contexts and seeing from different angles.

Movie makers must be masters of emotion and perspective.

"Transparency" facade and multiple facets.

Motivation of secrets.

Aspireing to something - daddy boy - connections assuming extovert fitting in. The language and rituals of a tight bonded group (real? Or just in movies). Undertones eye pointing face expressions. Proudness honor. The things said with scilence not definite.

Authoritity of information and naming of words the epicenter triangulation.

I wish i could in any room and observe. I can only go places i gradualy formed into fitting into.

Humans go arround and is the extentions of themselves we claim things and collect.

UNIFORM = AVOID WHEN DRUNK (unless its a sexy female officer in uniform who wants to punish me rawr) <- naaaahh avoid.. avoid… its a trap no more tickets. This is probably going to end like them chasing me and i get a ticket for avoiding them cause it seems suspicious. Just act natural smile and wave.

Reinforcement of the hate on how police handles a situation 1200$ fine. Butterfly effect how you approach a situation it can go multiple ways. “you where simply so annoying that you have to be punished” the police telling me about the ticket -_- grrr. And i helped a bum that crashed his moped bad karma man its doesn’t add up.



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Man movies and games and media create such big illusions  nothing is ever perfect don’t even try trying seems to make it less perfect.

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I’m getting better at what different styles of clothing might mean in life values and incentives often it seems to show what people aspire towards or like but its not a definite discipline. You can deduce allot from clothing but not really be sure.