Wow this text is diverse and beautiful :) But it doesn't fit the rest of the design :( - Context, minority, fading edge and gestalt laws.

Hotels the temporarily over priced stay at some location.

Chaos roams around me right now must keep focus.

Its nice to sit behind the front line of love of war and watch the mistakes. Always require legal documents and proof that what you have is yours or when it breaks yours will go into their pocket.

Everything comes from the ground - pretty basic. Everything else is an illusion.

Its funny how life is reflected in a mine craft server its like a little model of life i keep seeing connections to it and life. The ones who control sometimes try to please everyone but it does not seem possible.

You can own objects not respect and people. Owning is such a paradox to me its in the belief of fairness too. I wonder what control is to the people who control the most.

With that much money i guess money is no incentive anymore too untll he spends them all if he does.

Here is my grand dad from my mothers side sitting at the end of the table. Living independently trading with other farmers living off the land. The whole family of 7 kids did split after he as a magnet of keeping it all sort of together died. The family got split because of standards and difference in them and what is disgusting and what you can and cant do its like they don’t want to be associated and help each other like they gave up and just wants to be disassociated even though its their roots and what they come from. I never learnt much of my grand dads skills i learned from school how to survive in society, He is talking with his neighbors by the way. Maybe it was more a lack of something to stand together about and getting pulled in directions of opportunities.

After crying he could laugh of my idea of building a tower in the garden and having a pulley to send up beers he’s a wood craftsman but very locked into thinking with his dick and he runs his head into the wall all the time a very true person in speaking with emotion and always has good sexual jokes that might disgust some. The roughness of him and too big ambitions and hard work seems to be his weakness. It stands chisel hard as a confident person sometimes but then it can break with women and him wanting sex. He reminds me of a charlie sheen type.

Now seems a good time to refer to the fact that 1 out of 10 danes are on anti depressive pills.

If you reason to avoid pain and doing pain the only way seems to stay away from people. You could better it by talking the mind all the time and getting desensitized to the pain you feel from people by jumping in there and getting connected.

It’s funny how the old generations keep clenching to pride and order when I feel there is too much order and pride and control I guess it’s them defending what they have created in a union I don’t feel a part of but kind of is created and shaped out of.

That is the reasoning for me being single all my life. Knowing it will end in pain as it does seem to do from experience. But then again is it there’s this it’s better to love 1 sec 1 min and so on than never have loved? Also it always seems restrictive somehow and I’m attracted to girls that are more attractive than me. This plus the scare of commitment and knowing I will think “maybe the grass is greener over there”.