Wow this text is diverse and beautiful :) But it doesn't fit the rest of the design :( - Context, minority, fading edge and gestalt laws.

That big lump of cheese lunarra 

I can’t steer my mood when tired or having to little food or to drink because I forgot it or it’s out of balance.

Yolo people skills does not matter.

I unconsciously make people feel bad I think in that I’m not trusting and introversive and don’t just talk all the time from my guts again there is a cybernetic adjusting relationship especially with un noble people. It turns into akwardness which feels very bad awkwardness is the attention to something is weird can I trust this what can I even do?

Moral and ethics avoid stepping on and making other people feel bad unnecessarily

You are what your body language and following actions says you feel you are when people suggest you are something. There is a cybenetic relationship in the preciver and the projected target. If your selfimage is Nobel and positive its hard to take you down. Resist affection and attention control if its something unnecceairly negative. (That your interacting with a bastard :D that wants to take you down ) you can avoid some of it with self irony and not taking things too serious while reflecting the behavior which then is a cybernetic control.

Level of seriousness is really important. When to be serious and when not to be serious and it changes with mood.


My pictures of the Supermoon right now *-*

Hah i took better ones let me post them

Negative media and exposure realky does feed negativity.

Does writing about an people anonymously mean talking behind their back?

Nobel = Does not react

Sugar gives such a high it needs to be taken with normal food so when it wears off you wont fall back onto nothing.. that hurts.

I must sleep before my brain short circuits

People wants one to talk but they don’t listen when and the ball of conversation drops every time. It’s like playing volleyball and the ball never even hits the field cause they are playing different games.

The thought that someone dislikes you from eye contact and not talking seems to reacur a lot. Bonding events bond and having similar interests it’s a skill to be able to small talk or talk with people you don’t have anything in common with and people.