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Dat pain. Up down i can never be stable or stably have fun. I think it’s often cause I don’t accept community rules and normal hierarchies

Life goes up and down it’s always when it felt the best that it goes down again not like it used to feel constant nice the thing that changed is the people who I sour round myself with and it am has a bad effect on me it’s har to be noble for me.


I should get better at keeping calm and explaining.

When ever I open up and get out being extroverted I get punished by my own body with emotion too stron so I get bashed into myself should one just keep getting bashed?

Is family love the strongest? I heard a girl say something like or others but he’s my dad or he’s my mother so i still love him/her. Like no matter how much shit someone went trough with them your a piece of one. Created of or creator.

I need to ask my mom why she enjoys helping me with stuff - if one can find that feeling for anyone that would be good. Making people realize what you feel and see is important so in that way complaining has it’s ways. But the way it comes out and how it is received is important. When two people feel pressured and go into a negative escalation bad things happen.

The ego makes people do things.

Be content

Maintain your standards sometimes

Lust and desperation so hard to control sometimes its unapeoproate and you lose value by showing it sometimes. The calmness is win. At least you cannot gain an attraktive persons attraction be drooling you need to funnel that energy into Something else.

Joking about stereotypes thats not there,

Fuckig hell why the fuck do all these freaking moron guys have a problem with me Ove been fighting with like each and everyone of tese guys soon.

Feeling and acting and faling is much more fun 4 every 1.

Do you know how much thinking and feeling I’ve done? It’s terrible. And nothing’s come of it.
Platonov, AndreiHappy Moscow.  (via versteur)