Wow this text is diverse and beautiful :) But it doesn't fit the rest of the design :( - Context, minority, fading edge and gestalt laws.

When i read or hear something that could matter to me i go into this imagination mode where my real vision turns off and an imagination of an idea plays in my head the attention to what i hear and see s gone and it just plays inside my head this just happened listening to a lecture about general psychology the word system was used extensively and it made me think about an imagination of how the production of a part in the windmill factory, i where talking with a coworker about, could be much easier if it was automated with a conveyor belt production line.

Analogy and grouping separation of concerns.

Knowledge feeling and desire.

Having the right association at the right time.

Impression, imprint - Memory.

Politician: “That’s not something i can stand here and [freestyle] about

You cannot talk about something you have no exposure of - You can get exposure of it through others it takes time. Best exposure and source of information is direct exposure in some instances. Certain times it can be better to get it though a strawman that is more connected to the person or group.

Put on the same old record on repeat i know.

Mediated reality is so far from reality.

Lots of things does not really matter. Are you clever if you are not happy?

Intelligence = Information and their relations. Gathering information.

Do it slowly but just do it. Things does not happen without motion.

Doing what you say your going to

Malicious games.

Hit me and you will look bad.

Chess masters knowing and playing the rules and outcomes of the future. Multiple steps.